Deliver flexible access to dental care and maximize your time

Enhance your patient experience and use your time more efficiently with a convenient and HIPAA-compliant mobile app, allowing you to:

  • Reach new patients and reduce chair time
  • Educate on preventive care
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • Streamline dentist/patient referrals
  • Deliver two flexible consultation options
woman dentist showing xrays to patient sitting in dental chair

What can your dental practice do with DigiBite?

DigiBite provides your practice with the ability to provide better, more efficient patient care in an easy-to-use provider portal.

dentist sitting at desk with back turned looking at the DigiBite admin portal

Easy to navigate portal for simple management of live consultation requests and submitted reviews, reports in progress, and patient information.

laptop on desk open to the DigiBite admin portal virtual consultation report screen

The consultation details page is the central location to review case details, view photos and documents, request additional information, start a live consultation, complete the report, and assign billing codes.

Dentist standing looking down at tablet. On tablet screen is the DigiBite admin portal

Flexible consultation options allow you to take as many or as few patients as your schedule allows.

12 reasons dental professionals are using DigiBite:

Dentist in facemask sitting down at desk typing on a computer
  1. To build up their practice and patient referrals
  2. To create a competitive advantage with a value-added service
  3. To help triage dental concerns without an office visit
  4. To build relationships with new patients before their first office visit
  5. To replace revenue lost from last-minute canceled appointments
  6. To ease new parents’ concerns and pediatric patients’ nervousness from the comfort of their homes
  7. To supplement in-person care for follow-up appointments
  8. To enhance cost savings for both you and your patient
  9. To improve patient access
  10. To help manage patient monitoring
  11. To gain additional experience for recent dental school graduates
  12. To aid the transition to part-time dentistry for retiring dentists

What dental providers need to know

To join the DigiBite provider community, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Be sure to note the states you are licensed to practice dentistry and verify your malpractice coverage. Once approved, you can sign up to be a teledentistry provider through our platform. You will be able to manage your own calendar and accessibility. Compensation is based on an hourly rate plus how many visits you complete, with the opportunity to make more if you’re licensed in more than one state.  
Once accepted on the platform, you will receive virtual training with a DigiBite Smile Ambassador on how the portal works, covering topics like:
  • How to accept new consultations
  • How to submit a virtual dental consultation report
  • How to submit billing codes
  • The ways you can communicate with DigiBite patients
As a member of the DigiBite community, ongoing support will be available to you.
DigiBite patients can expect to connect with a dentist between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm EST, seven days a week. You will have the ability to choose your own hours. Within 24 hours of completing a virtual consultation or accepting a submitted case for review, you are expected to submit your virtual dental consultation report.

As per regulatory guidelines, providers are not permitted to use DigiBite as a self-referral tool. You are also required to follow any rules and regulations within the states you are licensed. 

Currently, the DigiBite app connects dentists with patients who are in need of:
  • Time-sensitive concerns
  • Second opinions
  • Follow-up visits
  • Smile consultations
Currently, the platform is for carrier partner networks only. However, in the future, DigiBite will provide options for individual practice integration. 

Absolutely! We are happy to provide a demo as part of your informational interview process. 

Have questions about joining the DigiBite community?

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